Text-to-Image Synthesis using GAN


GAN ... (with source code will update soon...)

Generation of Plausible image from text description as a input prompt. And input image is noise.


Image dataset used: Oxford 102 flowers

(Python, TensorFlow, DCGAN, RNN, CNN, LSTM, ReLu,)


1. GAN neural networks (Deep Learning)

  • Generator, Discriminator concepts
  • Text embeddings for visual attributes
  • Interpolation of text embeddings
  • Refinements, Loss calculations


  • To develop a model to generate plausible images of flower from the detailed text descriptions.

Project details...

Generative Adversarial Neural networks 

- Output as plausible Image of flower when text description of flower is given as input.

Project screenshot


Generated Image:

Text: "the petals on this flower are yellow with a red center and pink leafs"